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March flower of the month:   Submitted by Keith and Christine Allison;    Iris Unguicularis

Hellebores also brought in for March flower of the month

February  Flower of the month, a pretty Iris Reticulata brought by Jenni Connell

               Daphne aureomarginata brought by Cynthia Byers

               Another entry this February - Teucrium fruticans brought in by Sheelagh

December Flower of the month: Was won by this lovely Fuschia from Christine who also won the prize for the person with the most points during 2017.  Congratulations Christine

October flower of the month: a Schizostylis (now known as Hesperantha) or Kaffir Lily brought in by Sheelagh.

A magnificent display of plants and flowers for the October talk on the Asteraceae by Phyllis