The Tour of local gardens planned for September is cancelled.  As a result of the sustained drought it has been difficult to keep our gardens looking as good as everyone would like whilst using water responsibly.

The next meeting will be held in October - First Thursday is October 6th.  This will be in the village hall at 7.45.

2021/2 Flower of the month competition
May: Mary Coppin won with her beautiful Clematis
April: Jenni Connell won with a bicolour tulip
March: Geraldine Heath won with her beautiful spotted Hellebore

February: Jenni Connell won with a ruby coloured Hellebore.  See photo in the gallery page

December: Kate Dawson won with a Viburnum tinus
November:  Alyson Tapp won with her beautiful golden orange dahlias

Flower and Produce Show 2022:

Winner of the Dick and Joy Knight Memorial Plate for most points in show: Geraldine Heath

Best Exhibit in show awarded to Catriona Campbell for her vase of mixed flowers